18 Unbelievably Disturbing And Hilarious Children’s Book Moments.

OK, so I have a somewhat dirty mind. I can’t help but laugh at these bizarre illustrations and text from children’s books. I am pretty sure that some of these illustrators knew exactly what they were doing…

1. OK this illustrator definitely knew what he was doing!

2. I am missing context here, but I don’t like where this is going.

3. I don’t think these kids are old enough for this game.

4. Yeah! Get killing.

5. Straight to the point.

6. George is a ‘Peeping Tom’.

7. Touch. the. cow. now!

8. Right then.

9. The first taste of ‘special coal’ is free.

10. WTF is this?

11. That kid is definitely not human…

12. This guy has a twig and berries on his face.

13. Odd sticker placement, right?

14. Holy Crap! WTF would this be doing in a book for kids?

15. Sound advice.

16. Did anyone read this?

17. OK, I give up.

18. Yeah, the publisher was in on this one…

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