10 Tips For Making Your Business Meetings The Best In The Business!

For much of the working world, business meetings are a way of life. Indeed, many office workers seemingly spend their entire careers shuffling from one meeting to the next. These meeting tips will help you establish the best possible practices around business meetings!

Remember, the meetings are the ends; not just the means!

1. Purpose: You would never let something be decided with an email exchange; you know that meetings are your life-blood. You know that it’s always best to set up a meeting to be sure that, “everyone is on the same page.”
2. Agenda: You know that unstructured meetings are best and you like to foster “ideation”. People do their best thinking when they aren’t constrained by agenda and are completely unable to prepare for the meeting. Try setting up a meeting with coworkers and wing it, then give the meeting the cryptic title, “Catch up”.
3. Meeting size: You know that small meetings are for suckers. You want your message and the ensuing discussion to involve as many people as possible, besides you might offend someone if you didn’t include them. Try to keep your meeting size to 12 or more, “the more the merrier”!
4. Decision Making: You know that it’s career suicide to actually make a decision yourself, I mean what if you’re wrong? No, the effective manager only make decisions through committee, that way blame can be spread amongst the meeting attendees, should the decision prove incorrect.
5. Duration: You know that it is always better to book as much time as you can on the calendar, because you never know if you’ll need it. Booking only what you need is for suckers. Never book a meeting for less than 30 minutes. Besides, on the rare occasion that you finish early, you can magnanimously, “Give some time back” to the attendees.
you must be kidding?
6. Location: You know that a quiet location that’s free of distraction will stifle the creative juices of your attendees. Always book meetings in open spaces where you are sure to be interrupted multiple times!
Businessman Studying Flow Chart
7. Frequency: You know that your boss is judging you based on your meeting schedule, so you know its important to make your Outlook calendar look like a Tetris screen. It is important to book a weekly “one on one” with all project participants, just to make sure that everything is going smoothly.
8. Stand ups: You know that acually standing up for a meeting may encourage people to cut the meeting short. You encourage your people to sit down during your stand ups, because it’a going to be a while…
9. Timing: You never let lunch hour get in your way! It’s often necessary to bring together a specific group of people in a hurry and you know Exchange will always show a meeting free hour at noon. Don’t hesitate, BOOK IT!
10. Review of Status: You know that Status is important! And so is the status of the project! You know that the best time to call out a team member for a missed deliverable date is here. You accept no excuses and know that public shaming is the ideal method for ensuring that future project dates aren’t missed.

Following these helpful tips will ensure that you, and the group that you manage, will never have to do any real, actual work. Do your favorite manager or project manager a favor and share these useful tips with them!