Swedish Cops Stop A Fight In NYC Subway. The Right Way!

New York City resident Raymond Casanova caught the incident on cellphone video and uploaded it to YouTube.

“I was hopping on an uptown 6 train at the Bleecker Street subway station when I noticed the train was being delayed due to a commotion occurring at the first car,” he said. Casanova then went around and saw the four off-duty cops, who he later learned were from Sweden.

If you listen to the audio carefully, you can even hear the swedish officers asking the man they are restraining if he is OK several times.

NYPD officers showed up a few minutes later. A spokesman for the department said:

There was a physical fight between two gentlemen, and four off-duty Swedish cops were able to stop the fight and held the aggressive, irrational gentleman down,” a NYPD spokesman told ABC News today. “No arrests were made, and the man acting irrational was taken to a hospital for evaluation.


The Swedish cops who stepped in were reportedly Erik Näslund, 26, Samuel Kvarzell, 25, Makrus Åsberg, 25, and Eric Jansberger, 28, DNAinfo New York reported, adding that the four were on their way to see “Les Miserables” on Broadway.

“We’re just regular tourists,” Åsberg told DNAinfo. “Is this a big deal?”

Well, the short answer is yes, Åsberg, this is a big deal. You and your boy-band-looking mates broke up a fight between two civilians and calmly worked to deescalate and diffuse the situation without resorting to overly violent methods. In addition, you were respectful to both men, were genuinely concerned about their well-being, and were completely unfazed by the fact that the entire incident was being recorded. All police officers should aspire to the behaviors and restraint that you demonstrated here.

Bravo and Thank You, Gentlemen! I think you just showed the NYPD how it should be done.

See the full video of the Swedes in action:


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