16 Awful Sunburns To Make You Buy Sunscreen And Fear Sunny Days!

As you head off for your summer vacations, please remember to pack the sunscreen and keep the aloe in the icebox.
Remember: Always wear sunscreen!

Misery + You – Me = Hilarity

1. I wonder if Mel Gibson had this issue when he made Braveheart…

2. Patrick!

Awkward burn line you have there…

3. Ouch!

4. A nice handprint of sunscreen

5. Ouch again!

6. Remember to apply your sunscreen evenly…

7. Nice farmer burn.

8. Unique bathing suits make ugly tan lines.

9. Wow, that is red hot!

10. Evenly, people.

11. Come on, evenly apply.

12. If your not applying sunscreen evenly…

13. …just don’t use any at all.

14. On second thought…

15. …Apply whatever you can.

16. Explain that tan line to your friends…


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