This Crazy Guy Is Walking Across Australia In A Stormtrooper Suit And You Won’t Believe Why!

Amplifying Glass has found its cause for the month of October… Scott Loxley and his amazing fund raising efforts in support of Monash Children’s Hospital. Loxley has spent the last 190 days or so trekking across Australia in a Stormtrooper suit in an effort to raise money for this children’s hospital. He has endured extreme heat and cold, long days, and the deadly wildlife of the Australian outback in an effort to improve the lives of sick children. His entire journey is expected to last 18 months and his total fundraising goal is 100,000 dollars (he has raised nearly 16k thus far). There is a lot to admire about this guy and I hope that you choose to support his efforts as well.

In his own words:
“My name is Scott Loxley and in late 2013 I began Storming around Australia for the Monash Children’s Hospital in Melbourne, in a full Sandtrooper Star Wars costume.

Storming Australia means I will be walking around this great country of ours covering every State and Territory on a journey taking about 18 months to complete. Covering roughly 15,000kms, I am hoping to raise around $100,000 or more. As a father, if one of my children were hospitalised, I would want them to be cared for by the best staff who have access to the best equipment…

…No matter how tough things get on the road, I know that there are kids battling just to get through every day and doing it with a smile on their face. I hope you can join me on my journey to support this great cause and these courageous kids. Please donate on my Everyday Hero page or check out my Facebook page for more information. Thank you!”

This is Scott

Australia is a pretty big place!

His route on this journey.

He is doing this entirely on foot.

A little shade.

Nothing like a swarm of flies to test your resolve…

And Scott is doing all of this for the children!

He’s a great guy, genuinely doing this out of kindness, and I think he deserves a pat on the back and all of the support that we can muster. Amplifying Glass will be donating half of all profits from the month of October to Scott Loxley’s efforts.

You can follow Scott here, and you can donate here: .

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