If You’re A Star Wars Fan, This Is The Drone You’re Looking For!

Adam Woodworth is a Google engineer and Star Wars fanatic who had an awesome idea: to turn his Star Wars speeder bike toy into a fully operational and controllable flying drone.

The drone’s four propellers allow it to stay on target even in windy conditions, and it’s even equipped with tiny HD cameras.

Everyone has a dream, and we are thrilled that Woodworth was able to realize his (because it’s amazing)…

This unique quadcopter was made using a Hasbro Star Wars Power of the Force Imperial Speeder Bike with Biker Scout Action Figure.
The toy was hollowed out to save weight.
The detail is truly impressive!
He even mounted a camera in the scout figure

This is a toy that thousands of boys and girls have dreamed about!
And it is fully operational…
Watch the video below to see it in action! It’s Bada$$!

Want to build one for yourself? Woodworth published DIY steps on .

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