You Won’t Believe How Creative Smugglers Can Be! WOW!

I thought that this like this only happened in movies, but not so. Apparently folks try to smuggle drugs as holy water and bake cash into bread rolls.

Some of this is actually pretty ingenious, props to the customs workers that caught these attempts!

Some cash baked into some tasty crescent rolls!

Cocaine Smuggled in breast implants.

More cocaine, this time in candy eggs. For the children…

This little donkey is full of weed.

Live Geckos smuggled in a book.

A Mister Potato head packed with ecstasy.

More cocaine, this time in a hollow door. Clever…

This flower base is made of compressed ephedrine.

Labeled “Gay Lube”, this is actually illegal steroids.

Ceramic cats packed with opium.

Pringles can filled with compressed cocaine wafers…

Bricks of hashish stamped with a lebanese cedar.

42 bottles of liquid ketamine, declared as holy water.

Wii pads stuffed with marijuana.

15 clams, each filled with 10g of cocaine and glued shut.

Cocaine concealed in tiny screws.

Brick of methamphetamine covered it in chocolate, and re-sealed in the package.

15gs of amphetamine and 46 ecstasy pills smuggled in a diaper.

Dead Beetles stuffed with cocaine… Gross!


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