Elderly Man Caught Hiding Prostitute Under His Bed, Evicted From Nursing Home.


NORRISTOWN, Pa. A man in his 70′s living in in an assisted living home has been evicted out after officials found a prostitute hiding under his bed.

Authorities say that the elderly man from a suburb just outside of Philadelphia, paid prostitutes using cash that he earned by selling booze to his fellow residents in the home.

The chief financial officer of Montgomery County, Uri Monson, explained that the man is a “more mobile gentlemen” and often went on booze runs for his neighbors.

The rather salacious incident was reported on Thursday after county commissioners authorized contract extensions with private facilities in the region.

Bucks county paid more than $1 million to subsidize assisted living care facilities last year. What they didn’t know is that at least one man was partying like a frat boy with their money in one of the nursing homes!

The elderly gentleman was not identified by name.

To this unknown gentleman bootlegger, we can only offer our sincere and heartfelt appreciation for your virility and gumption. You, sir, are living proof that life need not stop at 70!

As Dylan Thomas penned (seemingly for you) Do not go gentle into that good night. Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

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