25 Amazing Lego Creations!


Here’s a list of things YOU can do with Legos!

1) Invite some friends over.

2) Get something off your chest.

3) Pick up women.

4) Do a little work on the car.

5) Revolutionize air travel.

6) Meet a nice girl.

7) Stand in line to pee.

8) join the Dark Side.

9) Run for office.

10) Play some tunes.

11) Storm the castle!

12) Freeze Han in carbonite.

13) Scare children.

14) Oversee the construction of your battle station.

15) Aw, WALL-E

16) Pretend to care about soccer.

17) Play with your balls.

18) Stay shiny.

19) Go for a swim!

20) Build the droids you’ve been looking for.

21) Kiss Kirsten Dunst.

22) Have an existential crisis.

23) Have a heart.

24) Welcome immigrants with your light saber.

25) That’s just wrong.


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