These Are Some Of The Cutest Costumed Kids In The World!


As a parent, I love Halloween. More specifically, I love that my children love Halloween! I get a huge kick out of the fact that my kids enjoy dressing up as their favorite monster, hero, or movie character. At Halloween my children can be whatever they want to be and they look forward to it more than any other holiday (OK, Christmas probably comes first).

These kids and their parents have taken things to a whole new level, I am going to have to up my game this year! There’s about 8 weeks until Halloween, plenty of time to make the perfect costume for the little ones.

Enjoy these adorable pictures! You have to admit that these little boys and girls are some kind of adorable!

Harry Potter





Edward Scissor Hands

Alex – Clockwork Orange

Nice Big Daddy – Daughter Costume!

SkyWalker – Empire Strikes Back


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