Lifelong Fan Just Wants The Redskins To Have A Good Time Out On The Field.

Arnold, MD – Following the Redskins disastrous loss to the St Louis Rams this past Sunday, local Redskins fan Aaron Miller, age 42, told reporters that while he was a little disappointed by the season Skins were having, he was just happy that the team was trying hard and having a good time out on the field.

“For me, that the team is having fun out there is the most important thing every week,” the lawyer said of the Redskins and their terrible 2014 season. “Sure I paid hundreds of dollars for tickets and merchandise this year, but football isn’t all about winning, it’s about teamwork, trying your best, and having fun playing a game that you love.”

“Having fun on the field is what counts in my book,” he added.

The Redskins 2014 performance has thus far been abysmal, the team is 3-10 on the season so far and there doesn’t appear to be any relief in sight for the struggling NFL franchise. The team has been plagued by injuries and roster changes, such as the demotion of Robert Griffin III from starting QB.

As he nostalgically remembered the past glories of the once storied franchise, Mr. Miller’s told reporters that even the fact that the Redskins have finished at the bottom of the NFC East 5 out of their last 6 seasons, and were likely to be last again this year, wouldn’t stop him from supporting the team. In fact, according to Mr. Miller, the Redskins losing season is a good thing as it allows his family to be able to enjoy Redskins games without all the pressure of winning or losing. He doesn’t even mind the high price of tickets for games.

“It might sound silly, but I just want Coach Gruden and the team to have a good time out on the field,” said Mr. Miller, who also expressed excitement for next season. “Next year might be our year,” he said, “but even if it isn’t, I can’t wait to pay my $1200 for next year’s season tickets. Redskins football isn’t about winning, it’s about being patient, trying your best, and having a good time.”

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