Woman Finally Accepts That She Has Her Mother’s Thighs.

In an extraordinary turn of events, 32 year old Michigan native Sandy Blakenshire has finally learned to accept that she has her mother’s thighs. The young Miss Blakenshire came to this breakthrough realization after more than a decade’s worth of wasted efforts to shrink the size of her thighs and rear.

“I always had bigger thighs and an ample bottom,” Miss Blakenshire said, “I was always comparing myself to other girls, girls who were skinny, and I never understood why I couldn’t be like them. It just seemed that no matter what I did, nothing worked.” Sandy continued, “In fact, it seemed like the more lunges and squats that I did the bigger my thighs and rear end would get.”

However, a recent photo spread of has helped Sandy to accept her own genetic makeup. “Once I saw Kim lay it all out there and witnessed the public reaction, I just felt so much better about myself.” Sandy continued, “I called my mother a few minutes after I saw Kim’s pictures and thanked her for giving me her thighs and bottom.”

Asked whether or not she will continue to work out, Sandy replied, “Of course, I want to stay healthy, but I’m not going to starve myself to try to achieve some ideal of beauty that’s unattainable for me.”

At press time, Sandy’s Boyfriend, Michael, was rejoicing. “I love women with extra weight down there,” he said with a grin. “I mean, curvy women are where it’s at. I hate feeling like I’m sleeping with a sack of chicken bones.”