Olive Garden’s Never Ending Pasta Pass Claims First Life.

The recent death of a Diberville, Mississippi resident has been attributed to Olive Garden’s Never Ending Pasta Pass.

In mid September Olive Garden launched the Never Ending Pasta Pass. The pass, which could be the subject of a Morgan Spurlock’s next documentary film, is an all you can eat promotion that allows pass holders to eat for six weeks at all Olive Garden restaurants free of charge. The chain sold 1000 of these promotional passes on its website for just 100 dollars and they sold out fast.

There have been many news stories about this promotion, such as . Over the past six weeks, Martin has eaten at Olive Garden every day, twice a day, totaling up to 95 meals and ringing up $1,510 worth of food. With The Huffington Post going so far as to call Martin .

However, the promotion, it seems, has a darker side to it as well. Several pass recipients, determined to get their money’s worth from the promotion, have developed serious medical side-effects from the high sodium, high fat, and carbohydrate heavy diet.

“Olive Garden certainly carries some measure of blame”

While it has been difficult to collect concrete statistics on the number of Never Ending Pasta Pass holders that have experienced adverse effects due to the promotion, which medical professionals have begun calling Pasta Pass Syndrome (PPS), it is clear that eating Olive Garden several times a day for 6 weeks can be extremely hazardous to one’s health.

At least 20 Physicians across the country have reported admitting Pasta Pass holders for symptoms ranging from extreme hypertension to extreme gastric distress and, in one verifiable instance, the death of a Mississippi man due to a ruptured stomach caused by extreme overeating.

Is Mr. Creosote A Victim?

On November 2nd, Edwin Creosote was rushed to Diberville General hospital after phoning emergency services and complaining of shortness of breath and severe abdominal pain. He told admitting physicians that he was a Pasta Pass holder and had been eating daily at the Olive Garden location just down the road. Doctors initially misdiagnosed his symptoms as a mild heart attack. Tragically, Mr. Creosote died on the operating table just 45 minutes later. It seems that Mr. Creosote, with his Pasta Pass, had finally taken his binge eating too far.

Lou Risotto, the general manager of the Diberville Olive Garden, has confirmed that Mr. Creosote had been eating ‘Heartily’ only an hour before being rushed to the hospital. While admitting that Creosote ate quite a few bowls of pasta and sausage, Risotto insists that the man appeared fine when he left. “He looked ‘OK when he left, I mean he said goodbye and grabbed a few wafer thin mints from the bowl on his way out.”

Nicholas Riviera, a spokesman for Diberville General Hospital, expressed condolences to the Creosote family and urged Olive Garden restaurants to post warnings about the dangers of overeating in its restaurants.

“Olive Garden certainly carries a large measure of blame for Mr. Creosote’s death,” Riviera opined. “They have placed people directly in harm’s way, with this Never Ending Pasta Pass promotion.”

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