A Fan of Game Of Thrones? How To Make Your Own GoT Dragon Egg!

So would you like to make your own dragon egg? Follow these instructions to make a dragon egg that is surprisingly similar to those seen on Game of Thrones.

01 - xJ6VOLm
These instructions show how to use heat to color the scales instead of paint. Paint is an alternative to the heat coloring methods mentioned here.
The first step i to shape the egg. The egg you see here was a proper 4×4 with the edges cut down. Sketch an egg on to two sides and started trimming away. Finished it off with a belt sander. Alternatively, you can purchase wooden eggs
02 - VcGD5ov
A great thing happens when you heat metal at different temperatures. You can get colors from golden hay to a deep rich purple.
The tacks on the left were heated at lower temps and the two on the right were brought to full “glow.”
Steel will start changing colors around 400 degrees F. It starts at yellow, then changes to a red/brown at 500.
At 520 it gets purple and then dark blue at 540. Every 20 degrees you go higher, you get to a lighter shade of blue after that until you hit 640 or so. At 640 and higher, you just get grey.
05 - OBtHXEt
Use a propane torch to heat the tacks to achieve the desired color.
06 - Ex0rCEU
A strainer works for doing many at once
08 - 01hMjpJ
You will need lots of these tacks
10 - vcjIjFs
Lay down a quick base color on the wooden egg. This isn’t needed, but in the off chance that there is an area that isn’t completely covered by the tacks, this will help hide that.
11 - qvJLi6l
Find the center of the top and bottom of the egg. Are you a Big Endian or a Little Endian? Atrting at the bottom and working your way up will achieve the scale pattern you see below.
12 - KSNnbdK
Just takes a little time to make this:
13 - fLRUMYS

It looks pretty easy, doesn’t it? A big thank you to for producing these instructions for all of us to follow. I know at least one GoT fan that will be getting on of these come Christmas Day!


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