Amplifying Glass Will Be Donating 50% OF ALL Profits From August To ALZ.ORG


We post a lot of silly articles… However, Amplifying Glass has a big social conscience and we like to think that pictures of cats, puppies, and the occasional crude bit of humor can do some good for the world…

As a result, from time to time, we attempt to post an article that features and spotlights a charitable organization. In addition, we donate a portion of profits to charity every month. Want to help us? Invite your friends to like our page and share posts that you find enjoyable with your friends!

Most importantly, Get out into your community and do good work! Every act of kindness helps!

UPDATE: We wanted to thank everyone for a great August, because of you we will be able to donate several hundred dollars to

We are still looking for a cause to support for September! Please shoot us an email if you know of a charity worthy of donation!


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