This Disfigured Kitten Was Abandoned By Everyone. Then A Little Girl Did Something Amazing

When a disfigured kitten was abandoned on the streets of Istanbul, Turkey, residents were too put off by her looks to stop and help. Starving and in pain, the entire city had seemingly written her off because of her appearance.

That is, until a 7-year-old girl found her.

The little girl brought the kitten to her father, and together they rushed her to an animal hospital. There, it was discovered that in addition to the prominent facial deformities, the kitten was also infested with mites. The veterinarian set out on an ambitious plan to save her life. They needed a miracle.

The Kitten was in a terrible state
The poor thing was in pain and had been on the street for sometime…

Her face was disfigured and she was infested with mites…
It might be hard to look on this animal, but this little girl chose to open her heart to the animal…
The vets worked diligently to repair the damage…
The poor kitten had been through so much…
Life had been very cruel to this little kitten…
Slowly, the kitten healed…
With her savior at her side…
The little girl named her Gülümser, which means “she who always smiles”.

Gülümser’s transformation is nothing short of miraculous. The vets clearly worked wonders on Gülümser, but the unconditional love of a child was the her true savior.

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