Cat Burglars? More Like Cat Ninjas!

Cats, they are the biggest crooks in the human pet world. They steal the weirdest things and chew on the oddest stuff.

My cats were notorious for chewing though computer mouse wires. I am convinced that wireless pointing device technology was invented solely because a cat owner was thoroughly tired of his/her cats chewing through the wires.

One more thing about cats; they can be very sneaky about stealing food. See below!

1. “You caught me a fish! Thanks!”

2. “I got this.”

3. “I can reach it… Got it!”

4. “May I have a chip?”

5. “Needs more cream.”

6. “Just going to have a sniff…”

7. “Wish this was in a bowl.”

8. “This is MY chicken!”

9. “Love the flurry!”

10. “What? I heard pancakes…”

11. “Just looking…”

12. “What? No, Man! This is my pen!”

13. “One Sausage togo, please!”

14. “Yeah Stolen? No, I caught this earlier today”

15. Let it go, Junior… “But I can reach it, Dad.”

16. “Jackpot!”

17. “I got your nose…”

18. “Sure, I’d love a pretzel.”

19. “They’ll never suspect a thing!”

20. “Now that I’m air born… To the cheese dip!”

21. “My Skittles! Eff off!”

22. “Oh, heeeyyy. Didn’t see you there…”

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