After 15 years, Woman Finally Learns She Can’t Change Her Husband.

Perry Hall, MD—Saying that she had finally given up on changing her husband’s undesirable behavior, Sharon Wilmer admitted Tuesday that life in her home has improved drastically since she stopped hounding and nagging her husband to become someone else.

“You’ve got to hand it to Mom, she’s really relaxed over the past couple of weeks, she used to be so overbearing. She would nag Dad about so many things that he would drink himself into a stupor most nights,” Wilmer’s 14-year-old Son Martin told reporters, noting how his mother had recently begun ignoring his father’s internet gaming, low level of income, and slovenly dress and had started ‘being nice’ to his Dad again.

Her husband, Earnest Wilmer, has also noted the change in his wife. “Before, she used to yell at me non-stop about almost everything… Eating right, leaving the toilet seat up, and not making enough money for the family.”

“Honestly, it means a lot to know she cares enough about me that she’ll go to bed with me and be ‘friendly’ without making me pass some new test every week. I’ve been so relaxed lately that I finally got that big promotion at work and we decided to have the second child that she, I mean we, always wanted but I never felt that we could never afford.”

Even Sharon admitted that the change was good for her family saying, “Now that I have removed my unrealistic demands from our relationship, I feel like my husband loves me more and is more accepting of my own faults.”

At press time, the family was reportedly marveling at how calm and fulfilling their home life had become now that Mrs. Wilmer’s incessant nagging had ceased.