Brian Williams Stands By Claim Of Korean War Service.

New York- NBC news anchor Brian Williams is reportedly standing by his claim that he served in the 4077th Mobile Army Surgical Hospital during the Korean War despite mounting evidence that seems to contradict his claim.

Williams Claims to have served in the 4077th from September of 1950 through February of 1952 when he was given a medical discharge due to a case of extreme frostbite.

Brian Williams, long known as the most trusted nightly news anchor in America, has stated, “Despite the lies being told by my detractors, I served my country honorably in Korea and will always fondly remember the time I spent with my fellow service personnel, especially Hawkeye, Klinger, and Radar.”

Though Williams has hinted that he had served in the Korean War for nearly a decade, his claim had never been scrutinized until he made a comment about the execution of Jordanian pilot Lt. Muath al-Kaseasbeh.

During a broadcast last week, Williams said, “ I can imagine how Kaseasbah’s friends must be feeling right now. I will never forget how I felt when my friend, Lieutenant Colonel Henry Blake’s plane was shot down over the Sea of Japan in the Korean War. He was on his way home, too. It was just tragic; his plane was hit and spun in. There were no survivors.”

Williams’ critics have charged that he is simply appropriating the plot of M*A*S*H, a popular 70’s dramedy about a medical unit during the Korean War, as his own story. Many have also pointed out that Williams, born in 1959, wasn’t even alive during the devastating Korean conflict.

NBC is currently conducting an internal investigation into this as well as Williams’ other claims, such as his tearful admission in 2013 that he had created a sex-tape with Pamela Anderson and Will Wheaton.

Williams has a fairly long history of bending the truth to improve his broadcast ratings and one can only begin to question whether Brian Williams is, in fact, his real name.