These Are Some Of The World’s Biggest Records And They Will Blow Your Mind.

From the largest schnoz to largest rear-end, these world records will blow your mind.

Heaviest Twins

01 - Worlds Heaviest Twins
Billy Leon and Benny Loyd (USA), are the heaviest twins, weighed 337 kg (743 lb) and 328 kg (723 lb) respectively.

Tallest Dog

22 - Worlds Tallest Dog
Giant George, a 43-inch-tall Great Dane from Tucson, Ariz is the tallest living dog and tallest dog ever.

Longest Hair

21 - Worlds Longest Hair
The world’s longest hair belongs to Xie Qiuping (China) at 5.627 m (18 ft 5.54 in).

Biggest Butt

20 - Worlds Biggest Butt Sarah Massey Has 7-Foot Wide
Sarah Massey Has 7-Foot Wide rear-end.

Longest Fingernails

19 - Worlds Longest Fingernails
Longest Fingernails belonged to Melvin Boothe (USA) whose nails had a combined length of 9.85 m (32 ft 3.8 in)

Biggest Mall

18 - Worlds Biggest Mall
Dubai Mall, a 20-billion-dollar project is the world’s largest Mall.

Heaviest Pumpkin 2096 Pounds

16 - Worlds Heaviest Pumpkin 2096 Pounds
A Swiss gardener, Beni Meier, grew the world’s heaviest pumpkin, which tipped the scales at 2,096.6 lbs.

Longest Earthworm

15 - Worlds Longest Earthworm
Giant Gippsland – The World’s Largest and Most Extraordinary Earthworms.

Biggest Chocolate Bar

14 - Worlds Biggest Chocolate
World’s biggest chocolate bar produced by Armenia a tiny country sandwiched between Turkey, Azerbaijan, Iran and Georgia.

Longest Nose

13 - Worlds Longest Nose
The Longest nose on a living person measures 8.8 cm (3.46 in) long, belongs to Mehmet Ozyurek (Turkey).

Longest Bridge

12 - Worlds Longest Bridge
Lake Pontchartrain Causeway is the World’s Longest Bridge with a total length of 23.83 miles (38.35 km) long.

Biggest Gang Bang

11 - Worlds Biggest Gang Bang 919 guys in the same day
Lisa Sparxxx is a noted American pornographic actress. She had sex with 919 guys in a single day.

Biggest Bubblegum Balloon

10 - Worlds Biggest Bubblegum Balloon That You Will Ever See
Chad Fell (USA) blew a bubblegum bubble with a diameter of 50.8 cm (20 in) without using his hands at the Double Springs High School, Winston County, Alabama, USA on 24 April 2004.

Biggest Hole

09 - Worlds Biggest Hole
Darvaza Gas Crater in Turkmenistan is the World’s biggest Hole with a diameter of 70 metres (230 ft)

Biggest Natural Breasts

08 - Worlds Biggest Natural Breasts
The largest breast belongs to Annie Hawkins-Turner(USA) who has an under breast measurement of 109.22 cm (43 in) and an around chest-over-nipple measurement of 177.8 cm (70 in).

Biggest Cruise Ship

07 - Worlds Biggest Cruise Ship
Oasis of the Seas is the World’s biggest Cruise Ship, which can accommodate up to 6,296 passengers.

Worlds Biggest Flower

06 - Worlds Biggest Flower
Rafflesia Arnoldii is the World’s Biggest Flower found in the rain forests of Indonesia. It can grow to be 3 feet across and weigh up to 15 pounds!

Biggest Penis

05 - Worlds Biggest Penis 135 inches 342 cm
Jonah Falcon, an American actor and writer has the World’s Largest Penis. (13.5 inches – 34.2 cm)

Tallest Living Tree

04 - Worlds Tallest Living Tree
Coast Redwood is the world’s tallest known living tree 115.61 m (379.3 ft)

Biggest Airport

03 - Worlds Biggest Airport
Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International Airport is the world’s biggest Airport. It can accommodate 95 million passengers (more than 260,000 passengers daily) and 950,119 flights. The airport has 207 domestic and international gates.

Farthest Eyeball Pop

02 - Worlds Farthest Eyeball Pop
Kim Goodman (USA) can pop her eyeballs to a protrusion of 12 mm (0.47 in) beyond her eye sockets

Oldest Dad

17 - Worlds Oldest Dad
Ramjeet Raghav world’s oldest dad at 96 says he has sex three times a night. While this is technically not “biggest”, it sure is awesome. This guy is getting more at 96 than I ever have…